Is Magic and Witchcraft Real?

The simple things in life are filled with wonder and induce awe, if one will only open ones self-up to the world around us. I personally believe in magic, as my family has a long lineage in witchcraft. Witchcraft and magic are a way of life for many individuals. Many have been persecuted for their beliefs. There are many forms of magic and many different ways to invoke change in the world around you. There is magic in every cultures ancient texts. Magic is different for everyone it means something different to each of us. My personal answer is yes magic is real. But magic is not for everyone. Some are more prone to search for answers.

I feel saddened for the people in this world that can’t feel the connection that illuminates within all things man, woman or child. I do believe for some, they must be seekers of knowledge and for others such as myself we were introduced from birth to a beautiful world filled with magical possibilities. Magic and witchcraft have been around since man first roamed the earth, since the stars began to shine, the universe is spectacular and infinite. Being skeptical is a part of human nature it is how we have survived many types of turmoil and disasters. I advise anyone who is a seeker to continue your quest. Being skeptical is a good thing, being closed off and boxed in is a different story entirely.

Give yourself time, do your own research, ask millions of questions. Today when you have time, go to a secluded area and look around don’t think just feel listen and learn. What do you feel? What is the first thing that comes into your mind as you relax and focus on the world around you.You should try meditating; it can let us release the stresses of the mundane world as well as help us reach new heights of conscious. The universe has a way of speaking to us all on a level that we may not hear but we do understand. Think about life, contemplate everything. Magic opens many possibilities it enlightens and gives us a connection to a power that is higher than any that mankind has known. It is really up to you to draw your own conclusions. For the sake of skepticism please keep an open mind. In many ways in life we are all seekers of a greater knowledge and purpose.